i don’t know why, but i was feeling so sad yesterday. i’m still off work and sleeping a lot as i heal from surgery. my left hippocampus was removed to end my seizures. so far so good, but there’s a way to go. i start rehab tomorrow. anyway, i played my flute with brian eno’s scape. now i feel better.

i didn’t mic it properly, so sorry for the distortion. i have to learn how to mic flutes.


7 thoughts on “sadsong

    • oh meri pyaari pyaari bhenji ! i’m feeling better now. :) doing this art is so lovely to express and release these emotions. thank you for caring, as always. HUGS!

  1. I like it Raji even if you say it is distorted. I listened this morning in the quietness of my home now. Very relaxing. You are doing awesome with the flute. Keep up the great work.

    • Donata :) Thank you ! It was such a beautiful experience. Still is. And I truly feel better. I am so grateful for everything. Hope we get to play together soon. :) Jai Ma!

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