Fog Changes Everything – downtempo

New song that is a mix of live flute playing, downtempo mixing, and someone explaining what it was like to see me have a grand mal seizure.

It’s interesting that when it comes to grand mal seizures, I’ve never been able to remember the seizure itself. I wonder if that’s how it is with everyone. Sometimes when it’s ending, I awaken and can sense what is happening around me, but I am not able to keep my eyes open or speak. Once, my mouth was still clicking and a weird growl was coming out, but the seizure itself was over.

Here my friend and coworker, Steve Wadhams, describes what he saw when I had a grand mal seizure in his office one afternoon.

By the way, Steve is a highly respected and brilliant documentary maker at CBC Radio. Currently, he is producing Living Out Loud — one of my favourite shows.

This is my first downtempo piece… Again, all comments welcome! Positive and negative. I need to learn :)

subtlebeing on soundcloud


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