She Plays With Monsters – downtempo

Sometimes interesting stories unfold in the dreams that happen during seizures. They are hard to describe, but in these dreams I have seen strange monsters. The monsters can be scary in the moment, but later one can see that they are just like the imaginations we have while playing as a child.

As I’m sure you can hear, I am still new at creating electronic music and still have much to learn. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I created the music on TNR-i and then mixed it with this beautiful recording of children playing by AGFX from Vancouver.

subtlebeing on soundcloud


4 thoughts on “She Plays With Monsters – downtempo

  1. I really like this tune. It’s so visual to me – could definitely see a video to accompany it, especially the children playing. It’s different and very creative!!

  2. Wow Raji this is incredible! I’m sure that there is more to learn using electronica but your talent is showcased here beautifully : )

    • oh darling puja — you are so kind. really and truly. i am very grateful for your words. :) this little one has a long way to grow, but life is always wonderful like that!!!!

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