Cluster — downtempo

Was feeling down and cloudy today due to an increase in Vimpat (anti-seizure drug). So I made a new track on soundcloud: “Sometimes the sharks come in clusters, too. But you have to keep swimming, dear one. It will be okay in the long run. Trust us.” 



Post-Ictal – ambient

Had a partial seizure of some kind on the subway this afternoon. It’s the first time I’ve had one in public since surgery in October 2012. And unfortunately, I was alone. No one else seemed to notice, as no one said anything. I’m glad it wasn’t grand mal. I guess the nocturnal only phase might be ending.

Anyhow, this is how I feel today.

subtlebeing on soundcloud

Intrinsic — downtempo

This song started when I was thinking about more dreams I’ve had about seizures. Sometimes, there are sweet creatures and beings that I am seeing after a long time. For the song, I made electronic samples imagining different ones. Then I played my flute on top of the mix, picturing that as me talking to them.

I’m trying again to do the live flute playing over electronic creation. It’s not easy! But oh well, I’m having fun.

subtlebeing on soundcloud