Off to India soon to do humanitarian work at the ashram of my beloved spiritual teacher, Amma. Will also be getting 24-7 supervision and weekly medical care for the post-surgical return of epilepsy.

Ultimately, life is so deeply beautiful.


On a break from the blog. Hope you enjoy all the musical creations, video art and other thoughts about this journey with epilepsy.



4 thoughts on “Away

    • Hi Tim. Thank you.
      Once I’m settled in Amritapuri, maybe I can make new stuff. Hoping the project is rolling and that you are having a beautiful summer!

  1. Hi Carma, was curious how you were doing, and came across your epilepsy journey. I wanted you to know that my 10 year old son, Dexter, had brain surgery last year to cure his complex partial seizures. All the best to you in your recovery, and Happy Purple Day.
    Love from Scott

    • Scott! Dear old friend. How wonderful to hear from you. And how wonderful to hear that Dex had successful surgery. Had he had the seizures since birth?

      What else is going on with you? How is your partner? Do you have other kids? Are u in Nelson?

      Living in Amritapuri now in India and in April it will be one year since the last grand mal (which happened in Toronto). In April, may be able to start reducing meds.

      Part of my work is with this project –

      Life is ultimately so deeply beautiful, is it not?

      Sending love… So much love….


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