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On October 31, 2009, I was on the subway in Toronto reaching King Street Station. The last thing I remember is seeing the word “KING” on the brick walls come into focus as we slowed down at the platform. Next, I was in an ambulance reaching St. Michael’s Hospital. My driver’s licence was taken away and I was told I likely had an epileptic fit.

Over the next couple of years, we tried different medications, but I continued to have a range of seizures from absence to what is medically named “tonic-clonic” but I call grand mal. I got used to the drama of waking up in an ambulance and being admitted to hospital for observation.

Talking about the seizures is not easy. Sometimes not much is recalled, especially in grand mal, and much of it is not describable in the context of this physical world. Art and music do the job best. On this blog are some things by others that I love and some things that I make. Of course, some experiences are dark and scary, but so many are filled with beauty and joy.

In October 2012, I had surgery at Toronto Western Hospital by Dr. Taufik Valiante, an incredibly skilled, compassionate and humble neurosurgeon. I am also deeply grateful to the world humanitarian known as Amma who has personally been helping and instructing me every step of the way.

We are not yet sure if I am cured, but I am hoping to get back to work soon. In the meantime, I am also working on a photoblog about ordinary beauty and common love in this world.


Raji Jolly (aka Carma)


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