Two Views – video art

Sometimes when having a seizure, the visions on the dream side are so beautiful. What is happening physically can be disturbing for others, but I’ve never remembered anything about it.

This video tries to show both sides. The seizure footage is from when I was in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Toronto Western Hospital in November 2011. The watercolour look of lotuses gives the feeling of what I have sometimes felt in my mind while in a seizure state.

Many thanks to Toronto Western Hospital for giving me the footage of my seizures for use in storytelling of the experience. The music I made in Scape, which is amazing. For the lotus paintings, I found videos from YouTube and applied many plug-ins to make the look of watercolor dream vision. My gratitude to garth0334 and theperfectlotus for their beautiful and spiritual videos of waterlilies.